Meetings open at 7:30pm except the May APM/AGM which begins earlier at 7pm

The Meeting dates for 2023 are:

Monday 23rd January 2023

Monday 20th March 2023

Monday 15th May 2023 - APM & AGM

Monday 17th July 2023

Monday 18th September 2023

Monday 20th November 2023


The Meeting dates for 2022 were:

Monday 24th January 2022  Agenda

Monday 14th March 2022 Agenda

Monday 16th May 2022  APM Agenda  AGM Agenda

Monday 11th July 2022 Agenda

Monday 10th October 2022   Note this is an amended date. Agenda


The Meeting dates for 2021 were:

Monday 27th January 2021  Agenda

Monday 15th March 2021 Agenda

Monday 17th May 2021 Agenda APM  Agenda AGM

Monday 12th July 2021 Agenda

Monday 13th September 2021 Agenda

Monday 15th November 2021 Agenda


The Meeting dates for 2020 were:

Monday 13th January 2020- Agenda

Monday 16th March 2020 -Agenda

Monday 18th May 2020 (main hall for APM/AGM) - cancelled due to Covid19.

Monday 13th July 2020 -postponed.

Otley Parish Council are following government guidelines and regulations recommended by NALC and SALC and therefore are not meeting in a public place at present. The Parish Council are looking into holding meetings remotely. Once a date has been confirmed for the next meeting to occur details will be published.

Monday 27th July 2020- Agenda (AGM) This meeting will be held remotely at 7:30pm using Microsoft Teams. If a memeber of the public would like to attend please email the Clerk ( requesting an electronic invite by Sunday 26th July.  Once the meeting has finished details will not be stored.

Monday 7th September 2020 Agenda

Monday 16th November 2020 Agenda

The Meeting dates for 2019 were:

Monday 14th January 2019 -Agenda

Monday 11th March 2019 -Agenda

Monday 20th May 2019 (main hall for APM/AGM) -APM Agenda  AGM Agenda

Monday 8th July 2019 - Agenda

Monday 9th September 2019- Agenda

Monday 18th November 2019 -Agenda


The Meeting dates for 2018 were:

Monday 15th January 2018 -Agenda

Monday 12th March 2018 - Agenda

Monday 21st May 2018 (main hall for APM/AGM) Agenda APM Agenda AGM

Monday 9th July 2018 - Agenda

Monday 3rd September 2018 - Consultation Meeting re:Suffolk Coastal Local Plan- Agenda

Monday 10th September 2018- Agenda

Monday 19th November 2018 -Agenda


The Meeting dates for 2017 were:

Monday 16th January 2017 - Agenda

Monday 13th March 2017-Agenda

Monday 15th May 2017 (main hall for AGM/APM) APM Agenda AGM Agenda

Monday 10th July 2017 -Agenda

Monday 11th September 2017 -Agenda

Monday 9th October 2017 -Agenda

Monday 11th December 2017 -Agenda


The meeting dates for 2016 were:

Monday 18th January -Agenda

Monday 14th March -Agenda

Tuesday 19th April- Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting- Agenda

Monday 16th May - Annual Parish Meeting & Annual General Meeting APM Agenda AGM Agenda

Monday 11th July -Agenda

Monday 12th September -Agenda

Monday 17th October -Agenda

Monday 12th December -Agenda