Suffolk Coastal District Council has published further information regarding the Suffolk Coastal Local Plan which will impact Otley, prior to the final draft coming out in the New Year. The Parish Council would like to make you aware of this information too. For Otley this shows a new site allocation which SCDC will put forward for Scrutiny on 3rd January 2019. Land is referred to as First Draft Policy SCLP 12.59 Land Adjacent to Swiss Farm Otley. District Councillor Mr T Fryatt read the following tothe Parish Council at the recent meeting:

'The Scrutiny Report which has been published today includes one identified site in the village of Otley. The site is in a central part of the village which as a principal was strongly supported by consultation responses. The site can also deliver the number of units anticipated through the two sites seen in the First Drfat Local Plan so the village is still contributing to the delivery of residential units across the district. We understand that some of the consultation responses highlighted a preference for alternative sites in the village but the site identified in the Scrutiny Papers provides an approach which locates development in the central part of the village and provides the number of units required'.

The Parish Council have met and discussed this information and have written a letter in repsonse. There is no opportunity to comment on this matter however the Parish Council will be asking District Councillor Mr T Fryatt to ensure our comments are referred to at the meeting on 3rd January. The letter is attached; along with the response recieved back yesterday from SCDC. This information is also available on Otley Store Facebook page and the main noticeboard outside the Doctors surgery.

Information published by SCDC can be found using the following link:

The following pages are specifically related to Otley:
Agenda item Appendix A SCDC Final Draft Chapter 12. pdf- p372-374 (P184/227)
Agenda item Appendix B Local Plan Map Booklet Part 1- p41/68

Map SCLP 12.59

Letter to SCDC re: Suffolk Coastal Local Plan Dec 2018

Response from SCDC to Otley PC Dec 2018